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Welcome to eSDScom!

eSDScom is the industry standard for sending safety data sheets, exposure scenarios and all related info on occupational safety and health down the supply chain. eSDScom integrates what was formerly known as the EuPhraC phrase catalogue and SDScom XML schema as well as (since version 5.4) exposure scenario data. Learn more...

First steps

"SDBtransfer" project video on electronic SDSs

ACEA/ASD/Orgalime paper on SDS quality

Current Releases

Version 5.4.1 (Long-term support)

Next Activites

v5.5 XML & Steering:  May 23, 2022
9th Workshop: May 24, 2022
v5.5 Phrase meeting: May 25, 2022

v5.6 meetings: October 19, 2022

10th Workshop: May 10, 2023