Welcome to eSDScom, the Standards Page for Electronic Safety Data Sheet Exchange

You need adequate standard phrases?

You require templates for SDS?

You are interested in an exchange format for SDS?

You develop SDS (Management) Systems?


This site helps you to apply industry standards for safety data sheet content and exchange, improving your SDS quality:


For more info on how the projects connect, please see the Details page.


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Dr. Thomas Holtmann of the Federation of German Industries (BDI) speaks at the REACH stakeholder day 2018 in Helsinki (core statement at 1:04)

The history of the involved standards and an outlook how they should develop (Status: 2016)

Get involved!

EuPhraC and SDScom support an increase in administrative efficiency in supply-chain data management including improvement of the content quality. Learn more, meet participating experts and get involved at one of the Workshops. They are a forum to meet the workgroup members, IT companies, service providers and users and provide an overview about the development status. Their goal is to accelerate / improve the future development of the standards.


These are the next meeting dates, milestones etc. (all times are CET / CEST; public dates in bold print):

  • 16. October 2018 EuPhraC Phrases / Steering Committee FTF
  • 17. October 2018 SDScom Steering Committee FTF
  • ca. end of November 2018 Release of EuPhraC/ESCom phrases 4.0 / SDScom 4.4.0
  • 28. February 2019 SDScom Technical Workshop (German)
  • 15. May 2019 SDScom Conceptional Workshop (English)