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eSDScom Is About People. And The(ir) Environment.

This is a comprehensive package, covering the latest developments and regulations for chemicals:

  • Safety Data Sheets to assist with occupational safety and health
  • Notification data to help customers with their legal obligations
  • for Europe, Exposure Scenarios and ENES achievements for downstream users

It is developed by an independent group of experts that participate online and sometimes meet in workshops. And best of all, it is free of charge and licensed under Creative Commons BY-ND 4.0.


eSDScom is open source, free to use, and aims to be applicable without external resources. You can always ask questions at GitHub or send them to and you will receive an answer that points you in the right direction and helps you to help yourself. If you prefer an eSDScom support contract with agreed service levels, please also write to

Not convinced yet?

We understand that this is not all about data quality and efficiency. It is a business questions. Safety data senders and recipients need to implement eSDScom, but only the recipient saves retyping. So what does the sender win?

  • Use phrases provided by the largest group of independent experts, carefully created for less ambiguity, better translatability, and more sense.
  • Use a well maintained, relatively easy XML format to keep up with legal developments and apply standard XML tools for further processing.
  • Rely on an industry standard that covers the legal requirements, but also reflects the business needs of companies and is modified at a decent pace when necessary.

Still, it comes down to a business case. See this presentation to learn why eSDScom is not only efficient, but also cost effective. And you may want to look at the tool chain to apply eSDScom even if your suppliers don't (yet).