eSDScom Alliance

 eSDScom Alliance was founded as a privately owned company in spring 2013 to facilitate implementation of open standards for electronic data exchange in the chemical supply chain. Its organisational setup and strategic view is the result of experience gained from the EuPhraC, EDASx, ESCom and SDScom projects (in order of their establishing) and the practical experience of implementing electronic data exchange at ESKA GmbH and Qualisys GmbH, both internally and for customers.


eSDScom Alliance has been founded in response to

  • the demand of software companies using EuPhraC to get support which is not related to translations, but to implementation of phrase catalogues into software, including issues like syntax, parametrization and user phrases;
  • the need for professional-level support of implementation of XML standards which are defined in volunteer projects and thus lack documentation and practical tools;
  • the growing complexity of tools that open standardization projects need to function.


eSDScom Alliance offers tools, support with defined service levels and implementation / project help especially with a focus on ESCom phrases / EuPhraC on the one hand and ESCom XML / SDScom on the other, with a focus on the European and U.S. markets.


eSDScom Alliance is operated as a virtual company. Each project and activity is coordinated by the founders and uses resources from external sources for flexible and efficient staffing on a case-by-case basis.


BDI, the Federation of German Industries which is the organisation that runs the EuPhraC workgroup, gave its support in a letter prior to forming this organisation.


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