ESCom phrases are available via Cefic's ESCom page or as part of the EuPhraC phrase package.


What is the difference between EuPhraC phrases and ESCom phrases?


Basically, ESCom phrases are a subset of EuPhraC phrases. As sector group phrases, they origin from Cefic groups and are then submitted to EuPhraC. eSDScom Alliance is in charge of quality control and assigning IDs to ensure that both catalogues are in sync. For individual change requests and proposals of exposure scenario phrases, please use EuPhraC's proposal tool.


Why does the EuPhraC ES module download have phrase IDs, while the Core module does not?

Phrase IDs are a technical aid for the exchange of data between IT systems of a different breed. They are created in the technical process of phrase administration and not by the EuPhraC workgroup. As per agreement with Cefic, phrase IDs for ESCom phrases are published by EuPhraC. To make things easier for everybody, the EuPhrac workgroup has decided to apply this to the complete ES module.

For phrases of the Core module (including those that are used in the ES part as well), phrase IDs are not publicly available yet. Their availability is limited to (and through) partners who help financing the EuPhraC activities.