EuPhraC: Standard Phrases and Tools

Since 1993, an expert workgroup of BDI develops standard phrases and other helpful info for safety data sheet authoring. The result is EuPhraC, an independent and non-proprietary standard phrase catalogue to define a sufficient phrase set for supply chain communication. It is aligned with and meant to support EDAS and SDScom.


The catalogue is being adapted continuously to new requirements from REACH, CLP and (limited by the knowledge and time resources of participants) national regulations from European and non-European countries. It includes all ESCom phrases for exposure scenarios, thus covering the extended safety data sheets. Additional documents are available to support the idea of Safety Data Sheet standardisation in order to improve supply chain information quality. The EuPhraC workgroup is coordinated and supported by BDI., with the support of Business Europe.


EuPhraC is not intended to replace either the specialised know-how required or the knowledge of the corresponding legislation. The catalogue contains a selection of generally accepted standard phrases in accordance with current law. This selection can be supplemented by industry sector catalogues harmonized throughout the sectors, containing sector specific standard phrases.


The use of EuPhraC is purely voluntary. It is recommended to switch step by step from the previous set of safety data sheets to the new standard phrase catalogue, where appropriate. The catalogue should be considered when authoring new safety data sheets and/or introducing new data processing software for compiling safety data sheets.


For a comprehensive view on the phrase content, please use the Proposal Tool. You can recommend new phrases which are not yet part of EuPhraC or ESCom with the Proposal Tool. There is also a draft template for the structure of an exposure scenario "for communication", i.e. the format for attachments of Extended Safety Data Sheets.


You are welcome to send any comments, additions or changes directly to the workgroup head.

How can I contribute?


Every user is invited to contribute ideas and new phrases to EuPhraC. Please browse through the catalogue and propose phrases online. This group of experts also appreciates to receive other contributions or comments via email.