Conditions for Use and Translations of EuPhraC

License and Conditions for Use

Unless superseded by the following conditions, the Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0 Unported applies, which include a requirement for proper reference and delivery of this license with every copy of a library including EuPhraC phrases.

All authors of safety data sheets can download the EuPhraC free of charge in English, as far as available also with German translation. Further language versions can be obtained via the providers listed further down on this page according to their respective conditions. The current version is available in 32 languages.

All uses of phrases in a collection of data not being formatted as a document on a chemical product or product group, presented as part of a software solution or separately, on a commercial or non-commercial basis, printed or in electronic fashion - hereinafter referred to as "library" - are covered by the following conditions:

  • Full set "EuPhraC" or "EuPhraC eSDS": Only catalogues or software products which make the full content of EuPhraC available may use the title "European Standard Phrases Catalogue" or "EuPhraC" for their phrase library.
  • Subset "EuPhraC SDS Main Body": Contains all phrases which include at least one structure code ("current phrases") for the 16 chapters of the safety data sheet without annex in the respective formats as available (corresponds to the CSV file named "Core" in the download section)
  • Subset "EuPhraC ES": Contains all current phrases for the exposure scenario (corresponds to the CSV file named "ExpoScenario" in the download section)

Only under these prerequisites, advertisement for a commercially available standard phrases catalogue or software for producing EU safety data sheets by referring to the "European Standard Phrases Catalogue" or "EuphraC" is admitted. The number of the relevant version must also be stated. For example, "contains the European Standard Phrases Catalogue EuphraC, version 1..." or "phrase content according to the European Standard Phrases Catalogue EuPhraC SDS Main Body, version 1..." is a permitted designation which takes these conditions into account.

If only an incomplete list of EuPhraC phrases is used in a library, reference to EuPhraC cannot be made for marketing purposes and a hint to the incompleteness has to be given, e. g.: "This library contains a choice of phrases found in the European Standard Phrases Catalogue EuPhraC version 1.1. This subset is not sufficient to provide compatibility with EuPhraC."

For translations of EuPhraC phrases, the example statements provided above should be modified to reflect this fact, e. g. read "contains translations of EuPhraC".


Translations of EuPhraC standard phrases are available from the following companies:

Company Info

Qualisys GmbH
Contact: Mrs. Claudia Kunze
Bahnhofstraße 40
40764 Langenfeld

Phone +49 (0)2173 39916-0
Fax +49 (0)2173 39916-16

35+ languages are available. A translation license fee applies.

Providers of EuPhraC translations who want to be listed here with their offerings are welcome to contact eSDScom Alliance.