Search, Propose and Comment on Standard Phrases

With the links below, you can search for specific standard phrase wordings online, and propose to change, add or delete phrases. To increase chances for acceptance of your proposal, please make sure you have downloaded and understood the phrase guidance document below.After your proposal is sent, it is published (anonymously) in the EuPhraC Forum, assessed by the section responsible member and discussed in the workgroup.

Standard phrases are also available as download packages.

EuPhraC/ESCom Phrase Guidance
Necessary information for a successful phrase proposal
Euphrac-ESCom 2_2 phrase guidance 201606
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 346.4 KB

Browse EuPhraC and propose changes
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How are proposals assessed?

Phrase proposal assessment and publication workflow

Video Tutorial

Sending A Proposal
Tutorial on how to propose either a new phrase, a phrase change or a phrase deletion.
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The EuPhraC Bulletin-Board
Overview of the EuPhraC Bulletin-Board and the confirmation mails sent by the system.
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