Members of the EUphraC Workgroup

For general questions, please contact Dr. Anita Hillmer. Proposals for phrase additions/modifications/deletions are welcome via the EuPhraC proposal tool. For structural and other questions which relate to specific sections, please contact the responsible workgroup member:


Task Name / e-Mail
Workgroup head

Mrs. Anita Hillmer

Section 1

Mr. Jürgen Gaida

Section 2 Mr. Bernd Simmchen
Section 3 Mr. Jürgen Gaida
Section 4 Mr. Rafael Wagner
Section 5 Mr. Thilo Domay
Section 6 Mrs. Dana Benning
Section 7 Mrs. Eva Lechtenberg-Auffarth
Section 8 Mrs. Eva Lechtenberg-Auffarth
Section 9 Mrs. Petra Schulte
Section 10 Mrs. Petra Schulte
Section 11 Mr. Helmut FleigMr. Joachim Haselbach
Section 12 Mr. Christian Bögi, Mr. Helmut Fleig
Section 13 Mrs. Anita Hillmer
Section 14 Mr. Thomas Wiens
Section 15 Mr. Dirk Henckels
Section 16 Mrs. Heike Gertel-Kloos


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Linguistic checks

eSDScom Alliance: Mrs. Claudia Kunze

Software Integration

Mr. Dirk Henckels

Project Management

Mr. Thomas Holtmann, Mrs. Mirjam Merz