Phrases and structure (as represented in XML structures for data exchange) are best if their standardization is synchronized. This is how open standards work together:

  Phrases Data Exchange
Free Tools

Phrase proposals and online discussion

Browse EuPhraC and suggest changes, then follow change proposal discussions

First Tier Tools

Chesar creates Exposure Scenarios and will soon be able to import EuPhraC phrases.

Open Industry Standards

EuPhraC phrase library

Download final and draft versions of the European Phrases Catalogue

Structured data exchange

SDScom for the SDS body evolved from EDASx and the Norwegian PIB. It is complemented by ESComXML for Exposure Scenarios.


Phrase translations

Ask your software provider or consult the list of known translations to obtain translated EuPhraC phrases.

SDS creation tools

German BAuA's list of SDS authoring tools (PDF)


How can I get involved?


Currently, the draft of EuPhraC is compiled by the existing groups. Please contact either Anita Hillmer or Dirk Henckels and describe how you wish to be involved into the activities.


What is the difference between EuPhraC phrases and ESCom phrases?


Basically, ESCom phrases relate to the exposure scenario in the extended SDS. However, they are also are a subset of the larger set of EuPhraC phrases, which were already compiled for the body of the SDS. ESCom phrases mostly origin from Cefic sector groups and are then submitted to EuPhraC working group. EuPhraC is in charge of quality control and assigning IDs to ensure that both catalogues are in sync. Deviations might occur due to differnet release dates and minor corrections, but each phrase of ESCom has an equal sibling in EuPhraC. For individual change requests and proposals of exposure scenario phrases, please use EuPhraC's proposal tool.

Why have ESCom phrases in the EuPhraC ES module download phrase IDs, while the Core module does not?


Phrase IDs are a technical aid for the exchange of data between IT systems of a different breed. They are created in the technical process of phrase administration and not by the non-profit EuPhraC workgroup.


Beeing sponsored by Cefic, phrase IDs for ESCom phrases are published by EuPhraC.

Also for EUPhrac phrases of the Core module, phrase IDs are available. They may be used in IT-systems against a fee which is to finance technical support of the EuPhraC-working group activities.

Also for EUPhrac phrases of the Core module), phrase IDs are available.


What about EuPhraC languages other than English?


Thanks to its origin with BDI, the Core module (including its newer additons) is translated and freely available in German. Because translations and quality control require quite a bit of money, other languages are available as commercial offerings only. See the license page for details.