SDSComXML – a Modern Standard for the Exchange of Safety Data Sheets

The need for an electronic communication standard in order to exchange safety-data-sheets between producers, suppliers and user of chemical products became obvious at least with the complex requirements from REACH and GHS.


Though there were already existing and well-proven solutions in place (SDS-XML, EDASx ), the highly sophisticated requirements of the new legislation on chemicals made a basic revision of these standards necessary.


A contact between the SDS-XML workgroup in Norway and the EUPhraC/EDAS - group resulted in a clear vision of one common joint exchange format as a successor for the existing formats.


After 2 years of intense work and consultations the SDScomXML – group is pleased to present the first version of SDScom XML to the public.


  • SDScom is an XML based standard for the system-independent electronic exchange of safety-data-sheets.
  • SDScom introduces XML-Schema-files for basic and complex data types to cover the whole content of safety-data-sheets according to REACH and CLP (GHS)
  • SDScom is open for national extensions covering requirements from regional legislation.
  • SDScom is prepared to deal with standard phrase catalogues (e.g EuPhraC)


The SDScom specification is maintained and discussed on Github and licensed unter Creative Commons BY-ND, version 4.0. There is and will be no license fee for using SDScom.

Industry Support

Although quite new, SDSComXML becomes adopted already in the EU and Norway. In addition, the European automotive industry federation ACEA has expressed its support in a REACH position paper of May 23, 2013 (PDF version).


Statement from ACEA, ASD and Orgalime calling for enhanced safety data sheets (SDS) quality.

This industries represent major end-users industries of

chemical substances and mixtures. The quality of the SDS of the substances and mixtures supplied to us is crucial (PDF version).