SDSComXML – a Modern Standard for the Exchange of Safety Data Sheets

The need for an electronic communication standard in order to exchange safety-data-sheets between producers, suppliers and user of chemical products became obvious at least with the complex requirements from REACH and GHS.


Though there were already existing and well-proven solutions in place (SDS-XML, EDASx ), the highly sophisticated requirements of the new legislation on chemicals made a basic revision of these standards necessary.


A contact between the SDS-XML workgroup in Norway and the EUPhraC/EDAS - group resulted in a clear vision of one common joint exchange format as a successor for the existing formats.


After 2 years of intense work and consultations the SDScomXML – group is pleased to present the first version of SDScom XML to the public.


  • SDScom is an XML based standard for the system-independent electronic exchange of safety-data-sheets.
  • SDScom introduces XML-Schema-files for basic and complex data types to cover the whole content of safety-data-sheets according to REACH and CLP (GHS)
  • SDScom is open for national extensions covering requirements from regional legislation.
  • SDScom is prepared to deal with standard phrase catalogues (e.g EuPhraC)


The SDScom specification is maintained and discussed on Github and licensed unter Creative Commons BY-ND, version 4.0. There is and will be no license fee for using SDScom.

The SDBtransfer project is part of the "e-Standards: Standardizing Business Processes to Secure Success" initiative, which is part of the special focus project "Digital SMEs - lndustrial ICT applications" funded
by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

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Homepage (german only)

Industry Support

Although quite new, SDSComXML becomes adopted already in the EU and Norway. In addition, the European automotive industry federation ACEA has expressed its support in a REACH position paper of May 23, 2013 (PDF version).


Statement from ACEA, ASD and Orgalime calling for enhanced safety data sheets (SDS) quality.

This industries represent major end-users industries of

chemical substances and mixtures. The quality of the SDS of the substances and mixtures supplied to us is crucial (PDF version).