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Where can I find change documentation?


SDScom changes and individual questions are tracked on GitHub. See the

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What is SDSComXML?

  • SDSComXML is a data exchange format based on XML.
  • SDSComXML defines a framework for structured exchange of material safety data sheet content between different IT systems.
  • SDSComXML is applicable for all sectors of industry and commerce.
  • SDSComXML is ready for international requirements.
  • SDSComXML provides complex XML structures for the safe exchange of physical, chemical and toxicological properties.

What is SDSComXML not?

  • SDSComXML is not a software.
  • SDSComXML is not limited to the use of one certain standard phrase catalog.

What is the SDScomXML license?

  • All work of the SDScom workgroup is licensed under Creative Commons BY-ND version 4.0. This means you can use the results commercially as long as you refer in your work to the SDScom project, and you may not change the results - instead please participate in SDScom directly.

How does SDSComXML work?

  • The datasheet is exported from the SDS authoring system of the manufacturer by an interface according to the SDSComXML preferences. Two files have to be transmitted: First one is the pdf file as the legal document and the second one is the structured data as XML file.
  • On the side of the downstream user these two files will be processed by an importing interface into the in-house system.

What offers SDSComXML?

  • Avoidance of manual SDS content input.
  • Quick updates of material data, operating instructions and hazardous material inventories.

How can SDSComXML help companies?

  • Reduces paper based processing, avoids error-prone manual transcription of information from paper or PDF safety data sheets.
  • Enables companies to enhance efficiency in occupational safety.
  • Gives options for the direct creation of standard operating procedures and hazard material inventories.
  • Offers easy updating of safety data sheets, sent via email
    or internet in XML format.
  • Provides fast electronic data exchange with suppliers and customers.
  • Facilitates legal documentation by parallel transmission of a safety data sheet version in pdf format for the direct storage.
  • Allows easy integration into existing software solutions.