Each year in spring, there is a conceptual workshop, and in fall a technical workshop on the future development of SDScom.

7.  BDI-Workshop on SDScomXML

6.  BDI-Workshop on SDScomXML

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4. BDI Workshop "SDS Communication via XML"

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3. BDI Workshop "SDS Communication via XML"


This workshop took place in Berlin on February 22, 2015.

It focused on the realisation of the electronic exchange of safetydatasheets.



The presentations:


Wrap-up 2nd workshop / result
Anita Hillmer, Volkswagen AG

Status of SDScomXML and related projects
Thilo Domay, Daimler AG
Registration of SDS at the Norwegian Environmental Agency by using SDSComXML
Jan Krafft, Norwegian Environment Agency
SDBtransfer project in Germany
Norbert Kluger, GisBau
ESComXML project in Europe
Leo Oves, 3E Company
Chemical industry (IT-System: SAP/EH&S)
Helmut Möbus, DAW SE with SI PRO Consulting
Automotive industry (IT-System: sigmaDX)
Thilo Domay, Daimler AG
How to create standard phrases - phrase guidance
Dook Noij, Dow Chemical Company
Mapping of phrase catalogues with EuPhraC
Anita Hillmer, Volkswagen AG


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2nd BDI Workshop "SDS Communication via XML"


This workshop took place in Brussels on November 15, 2012. It focused on presenting that status of standards definition and implementation and outlined the business impacts of standardization. The discussion identified possible roadbloacks and business cases for a successful implementation while SDSComXML / ESComXML are not yet standard features of EH&S software.


Session 1: Tools and Standards

  • The generation of exposure scenario for communication in Chesar 2
    Hélène Magaud, ECHA
  • Supply Chain Communication: Benefits and Impacts of Standards
    Dirk Henckels, Qualisys GmbH

Session 2: Status and Issues

  • SDS Software for Manufactures and Importers
    Berndt Stürznickel, SAP AG
  • In-house Product Safety Data Management
    Susanne Buchholz, Bayer MaterialScience AG
  • SDS Software for Distributors and Formulators
    Peter Hugk, PES-Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
  • Safety Data Management - View of a Downstream User
    Helmut Möbus / Tatjana Spahl, Deutsche Amphibolin-Werke
  • SDS Software for End-users
    Clara Ramon, iPoint-systems GmbH
  • Data requirements from view of the automotive industry
    Thomas Arbitre, Renault SA


Discussion and Results

  • Discussion protocol of group 2 (formulators and distributors)
  • Result Summary of the Workshop


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1st BDI Workshop "SDS Communication via XML"


This workshop took place in Brussels on January 25, 2012. It focused on downstream user obligations and the necessity of assistance in data transmission along the supply chain by presenting standards, existing solutions and ongoing approaches


The presentations:


  • ECHA's Chemicals Safety Assessment and Reporting Tool CHESAR
    Andreas Ahrens, ECHA
  • DU duties after receiving an extended Safety Data Sheet
    Eva Lechtenberg-Auffarth, BAuA
  • EuPhraC and (e)SDSComXML
    Anita Hillmer, Volkswagen AG, and Dirk Henckels, Qualisys GmbH
  • In-house SDS Management at Daimler AG
    Thilo Domay, Daimler AG
  • EDAS and the Norway SDS XML-Project
    Andreas Schütt, ESKA GmbH, and Ottar Madslien, Teknologisk Institutt Norway
    Norbert Kluger, GISBAU
  • ESComXML
    Leo Heezen, Cefic
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