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April 2022: 9th Workshop

Tools and technologies for SDS processing

Pending final approval, the tool chain for hazard assessment will be the focus of the 9th workshop. If you are interested in presenting your solution or experience which uses eSDScom, please send an email to - we are happy to learn more! (You might also be interested in getting listed on the Tools page.)

21.4.2021: 8th Workshop

Digital Transformation in Global Chemical Compliance

When quantity of compliance data grows, a good assessment quality requires efficient data processing. During ECHA's REACH Review Action 3, a broad support for XML-based data exchange in the chemical supply chain was concluded. However, it remains industry's task to define this exchange. The latest SDScom version is now covering U.S. safety data sheets and is heading towards full supply chain coverage, with a defined workflow to take data from Exposure Scenarios into Safety Data Sheets and to the end user. The combination of SDScom and ESCom might be the next logical step considering the needs of the whole chemical supply-chain in the worldwide SDS processing workflow.

This Web Conference provides an introduction into the latest changes of SDScom, including insight into first applications based on version 5.0 – and it addresses how to process PDF documents into XML.

Workshop programme / Presentations

2020: 7th Workshop

was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In 2019, no workshop took place due to coordination with other projects.

18.4.2018: 6th Workshop

Future Challenges in the Supply Chain

Efficiency and data quality are the cornerstones in supply chain communications, and SDScom evolves when requirements change. The upcoming BDI workshop discusses real-life cases of data transfer not (yet) covered: Notifications according to CLP article 45 impose additional data requirements, no matter if the notification will be covered by SDScom. And if two IT systems exchange information for more than one country, a product-centered approach can reduce redundancy and consistency checks. Proceedings from the automotive and trading sector round up a day that will outline the roadmap of data exchange in European chemical regulations.

Workshop programme / Presentations

16.10.2016: 4th Workshop

SDS communication via XML

Communication of Safety Data Sheets made a leap forward in 2015: The SDScom group formed a steering committee, a technical working group and processes that allow an effective management of enhancements, bug fixes and user support via GitHub. This was first utilized in the SDBtransfer project which was supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Also, first industry applications are live and running meanwhile. Now is the time to take strategic decisions for version 4.3 of SDScom, to be published in spring 2017.
This workshop presents the status of current SDScom applications, discusses and decides issues that cannot be resolved online, and gives an outlook to possible scope enhancements like SUMI support and CLP article 45 data. It aims at project leaders, product managers and strategic decision takers with a good technical background.

Workshop programme / Presentations

22.2.2015: 3rd Workshop


15.11.2012: 2nd Workshop


25.1.2012: 1st Workshop