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The eSDScom Tool Chain

The following are the tasks, tools and resources we envision are useful with eSDScom today. Where standard solutions exist, we have listed the products:

  • Convert Safety Data Sheets from PDF into eSDScom: Several commercial solutions exist. Follow the workshops for more info.
  • Edit/author eSDScom data: A simple editor may become available in 2022. Stay tuned.
  • Validate eSDScom: QualiVali or any standard XML software validates technically.
  • Quality check eSDScom data: Also called content validation, this remains an expert task. To a certain degree, ECHA or ACEA requirements helps with basic contain quality requirements. A tool is planned for 2022 (as far as this can be automated).
  • "Print" Safety Data Sheets: Currently, there is a stylesheet for version 4.4 and an SDBtransfer subset stylesheet for version 4.2. Stylesheets for 5.x are yet to be defined.

Further tools are possible once XML exchange is widely used and downstream user exposure assessment methodology has developed, e.g. for scaling risk management measures when a substance becomes part of a mixture.

Further Resources

European SDS

U.S. American SDS